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Product Marketing Internship

I am a passionate tech enthusiast with a bias for action and an energetic personality. In July 2023, I spent 3 weeks interning at RingCentral in the Product Marketing department. I gained incredible insight into B2B SaaS corporations and in-depth experience in all aspects of product marketing.

Primary Projects

AI Innovation

E2E launch of RingSense for Phone inclusive of messaging & positioning, 360 stakeholder alignment, corporate communications, key asset creation, and technical documents.

GTM Strategy

Launched a product from beta to GA by driving GTM activities (email, website enhancements, & campaign messaging) resulting in category expansion for RingCentral.

Digital Marketing

Created engaging & visually appealing content that is used on social, in sales enablement, and demand generation.

Market Research

Partner-to-product management: ideated on user stories, use cases, and product market fit.

Blogs (By Me!)


Announcing RingSense for Phone: AI-powered call summaries, highlights, and more

Meet RingSense for Phone – your personal AI that can transcribe, summarize, and find gems of insights in all your phone calls by leveraging generative AI.

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Organized communication is a thread away: Threading for RingCentral Team Messaging

Message Threading: The key to your conversation organization struggles.

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Ringing in the future: 3 things learned from my RingCentral fellowship

I’m here to tell you the three most important things I learned throughout my internship.


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